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Freedom From Pain

Fundraising campaign of IPM
Support a fellow being to have pain-free days at the end of life

  The wound is the place where the light enters you - Rumi.  

Institute Of palliative Medicine

Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM) is the pioneer of palliative care movement in South East Asia. As the first World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Community Participation in Palliative Care and Long Term Care (WHOCC) in developing countries, we are trying to establish community based palliative care in different parts of India and abroad. IPM is instrumental in developing the “Kerala Model” of palliative care which is popular among the palliative care fraternity worldwide. IPM is the training, research and outreach arm of Pain and Palliative Care Society (PPCS). It is located in the Medical College campus, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.


IPM tries to improve the quality of life of non-curable and long-term bedridden patients by decreasing the symptoms and addressing their other associated problems. It is also actively involved in spreading the message of holistic end of life care and creating compassionate communities.

Courses & Training

IPM is the leading training centre for training in Palliative Care in Asia and has been running regular training and education programmes for more than two decades for healthcare professionals and volunteers. The courses are regularly attended by professionals from within the country and abroad.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and ...


Community based palliative care services runs with participation of the local community in need assessment, planning, implementation, resource mobilisation, delivering of services, management and evaluation. IPM facilitates setting up of palliative centres in different parts of the world.

Play Your Part

We all have to die.
Less than 15% people die suddenly. Rest have a gradual end of life. Most of the people suffer enormously at this period with pain and other symptoms. Most of the sufferings are preventable or reducible if taken care well. We all have more than 80% chance of needing palliative care in our last days. Let us join hands together to build and establish the system of sustainable & accessible end of life care which will help us have a pain-free, peaceful and dignified exit from this world.


The Tracks We Leave (TWL) initiative by the Pain and Palliative Care Society aims to build a sustainable resource mobilization. The plan is to make as many people participate in this initiative through micro to moderate donations and increase the ownership base of PPCS.



Palliative care is all about team work. The role of health professionals are limited in taking care of the large spectrum of problems of palliative patients. The role of volunteers in palliative care in patient care, running a clinic, resource mobilization etc are well recognized.



Because I Care (BIC) is an initiative by the Institute of Palliative Medicine to spread awareness of palliative care among students about palliative care in association with Students in Palliative care (SIPC). The program concentrates especially on skill development and resource mobilising.



To Improve The Quality Of Care And Spread The Message Of Compassion.

At IPM, more than 20,000 patient contacts are done every year through Out-Patient department, In-Patient department and Home care. Every year, 2,000 new patients register with us. The annual expenditure for our varied ventures comes around 20 million INR which includes patient care, home care, medicines, food for In-patients, monthly food kit for poor patients, rehabilitation of long term bedridden patients and educational support for their children, training programs for doctors, nurses, volunteers and students, research and development, running palliative care courses in different places and creating compassionate communities across the world.


Untold, Unheard...!
Read the unbelievable stories of some extremely suffering fellow beings and reflections of volunteers, students, staff and visitors who are involved with IPM. These stories are not a celebration of suffering; rather it is an eye opener for most of us who are better blessed. One can see in this stories the hard realities of life, the unexpected and undesired turns some lives take, the shaking of faith and belief, breaking of hopes and dreams….

" As everyone runs away from death, or shies from looking it in the eye, you stand bravely with your patients and give them the courage to face death. You are the one they turn to.. Dear caregiver, this is an open letter to you.. "

“The contrast was heavy. We joked; they took morphine. We worked to get money to raise their “quality of death”; they gave us invaluable smiles. All in the same building.” An eye opening piece by a volunteer on her first day in IPM. "

"The expression I could read on her face was mixed; anger, sadness, tired, retired, pain...and hope?She could ask me a million questions before she opened her mouth." A doctor chronicles a moving incident from one visits to a young girl battling cancer."