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How many accessories lay in your jewellery box because you have no clothes that go with it? Oh god, remember that shirt which your great aunt gave you, the one with the 80s’ print? Are you sick of your perfectly fine old bag and really want to buy a new bag? Remember that weird clock that your nephew of your cousin’s neighbour gifted you and you have no idea where to put it?

Institute of Palliative Medicine has a perfect solution for you which not only gives you an opportunity to contribute to a good cause but also grants you a guilt free way to rid of those absolutely fine objects collecting dust in your cupboard.

Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM) is launching a charity shop to support its courses. The fund raised through this venture will be utilised for activities including patient care. The idea of this shop came from the thought of making a benefit of all from recycling the shop. The main objectives are

We intend to collect resalable good quality materials, not necessarily used, like clothes, home wear, kitchen utensils, electronics, accessories for men and women, furniture, books, bags, curtains, bed sheets, show pieces, wall décor, watches, fancy ornaments, belts, paintings, toys, CDs, etc. and sell it at a reasonable price. You can inform us about the products you desire to donate to us through email (if possible with photo) or give us a call.

Contact Information

We will collect the product after screening from your location or you can bring it to IPM. The items collected will be displayed at IPM for sale from 30th Dec, 2014


Conditions of Sale

Support the venture by showing compassion, and shop for compassion for IPM. Pay us a visit sometime you may find a great catch for a much more reasonable price than the original.
After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.